When a one-night-stand goes awry, the couple involved just want to get away from each other, but that means working together to get home or else the night will keep getting worse.


This Is Hard

This short comedic film comes years in the making. Written by Grant Gadbois and his writing partner, Jack Widman, this is the story of two best friends not much dissimilar from the writers themselves. An honest and poignant look into high school relationships, this story covers the moments of change that occur during the bridge between high school and college, adolescence and adulthood, and how the ways we react to this change affects those around us. It's funny, it's sad, but above all else it's truthful.

Check out the trailer below!

As pressure mounts on the night a high school senior prepares to "do the deed" for the first time, he and his codependent best friend must grapple with the realities of growing up before it tears them apart.


This short documentary follows a group of dancers as they prepare for a singular performance, choreographed in part for a thesis performance at Loyola Marymount University. The filmmaker was lucky enough to establish a close relationship with the featured dancers, which helped create the very personal, intimate feel within the film. What begins as an objective take on dance choreography becomes a subjective look into the eccentricities and quirks of the choreographer, as well as the life and mind of a dancer. Watch the full film below!

Working late into the night, a young choreographer pushes creative boundaries, and her dancers, in preparation for opening night.


Find Happy

A short documentary film featuring a young man's journey to discover the origin and nature of happiness through the people of Aarhus, Denmark: supposedly the happiest city in the world. Filmed in December of 2016, this journey is both foreign and familiar - director, Grant Gadbois is also the star - and his journey promises to enliven the heart with humor and wonder as the film reveals an often undiscussed side to the human experience. Look below for the full film. I hope you enjoy it!

Struggling to find happiness in our modern world filled with stress and worry, I set out to find the key to happiness, and where else to best find this than the happiest nation on Earth, Denmark.



This short story, inspired by true life events, tells the compelling, melancholic tale of a man without a home, searching for a dream, or something to hold onto. Filmed in May, 2017, the team behind this project was entirely student run, and the film was shot with a budget of practically nothing. It is a simple film, and yet it is honest and holds nothing back. The film can be viewed below.

A short story about a homeless man's life, his struggles to maintain any hope for the future, and his dreams of finding something better for himself.